Final Blog Assignment: Errors

Final Blog Assignment

Company Name: Cornerstone Media
Cornerstone Media is a news platform that has recently began utilizing the Internet through its website and social media pages. Cornerstone media is dedicated to delivering truthful news as well as being honest regarding our corrections and mistakes. The following is the policy regarding the protocol for editing errors which have already been published.
Main Website (
All corrections will be overseen by the managing editor before the published copy is changed.
If the error in question is something that is not necessary to the truthfulness of the story(i.e missed comma, misspelled word) and the error does not change the way the story would be understood, than the error will corrected by the editor of that section directly by replacing the words in the text.
For any edits that change the meaning of story ( i.e misspelled name, address, incorrect information…)than the correction will be made within the text, but the correction will be placed in the edit log at the bottom of the page.
The edit log, is below the original story and is separated from the main text of the story by a straight black one point line. Underneath the line, the editor will place the edit in accordingly by following the following format:

Date- paragraph # -*mistake* -correction

An example is as follows:
12/20/13-3-*St. Thomas*- St. Mary
All corrections will be overseen by the managing editor and corrected by the social media manager.
If the error in question is not necessary to the truthfulness of the post, the social media manager can then edit the text without doing an edit log.
Due to the feature on Facebook that allows readers to look at past edits made to a post, the manager can edit the post for grammar/ unimportant things without drawing attention through a comment or log.
If the error is something that changes the meaning of the story, then the edit should be done in a more public manner. Correct the edit as in the above instances but then fill out a edit log and post in a comment below the original post. The manager will place the edit log in the following format for Facebook:
Date- *mistake*- correction
An example is as follows:
12/20/13-*St. Thomas*-St. Mary
All corrections will be overseen by the managing editor and corrected by the social media manager.
Due to the format of twitter and the inability to edit tweets, both types ( informational/ grammar) will be dealt with publically.
Errors that are grammar related and do not change the truthfulness of the post will be edited as follows:
An example:
Corrections that will alter the truthfulness/ are wrong will be handled through a edit log, but unlike on the website or twitter, the edit log will be it’s own post. The correction post will be formatted as follows:
Tinyurl of original story-*mistake* correction
Example:*St. Thomas*-St. Mary

Cornerstone Media takes the content displayed on the various outlets very seriously. Errors of any kind should be dealt with as outlined in this policy. It is not at the hands of the reporter that the error was truly made, but at the hands of the editor for not catching/ fact checking the mistake.
*Policy Effective 12/20/13*



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Cornerstone Media Class Policy

Blog Assignment 2

Company Name: Cornerstone Media

Title: Content Editor


Cornerstone Media is a newly established multi-platform news operation which is grounded on fundamental values. Cornerstone media is dedicated to providing content that is professional, audience friendly, accurate, and respectable.


This policy has been created to set the standard guidelines for acceptable content in both the online and print versions. This policy is read to all applicants who are applying to work with Cornerstone Media and employees must adhere with this procedure to remain working with the company.


Within the content of Cornerstone Media, obscenities of any kind will not be tolerated. The following guidelines are set for both online and print publications and anything bearing the name of Cornerstone Media. These standards are kept the same due to the audience friendly interface of the company as well as the other values mentioned in the overview.

Obscenities come in several forms, all of which will not be allowed within the content of Cornerstone Media. The consequences for dealing with breach of the policy depend on the type that was used. Cornerstone Media works on the basis of a point system. Using certain types of obscenities or dealing with the obscenities in the wrong way will result in the editor receiving a point. If an editor adds up points, they will either receive a suspension or be forced to go through an intensive editing program. The consequences and descriptions are outlined below.

Curse words

Curse words will not be tolerated regardless of whether they are added for emphasis or within a quote. There are no instances in which cursing for emphasis is allowed. When curse words are found within quotes, there are two ways of handling the situation. It is the job of the editor to distinguish between the two types of curse words and it will be on him or her if the policy is broken.

The first type is emphasis in a quote. This is when the quote isn’t centered on the curse word but the word is inserted to emphasize the quote. In this case, if the sentence can stand alone without the word being used, remove the word and paraphrase the quote.

If an editor does not remove the word, he/she receives 2 points. If the editor bleeps out a word that should have been removed, he/she receives 1 point.

The second type is when the sentence is dependent upon the word. If the sentence or emotion in the sentence cannot stand alone without the word then it is the editor’s job to add an asterisk bleeping out the vowels within the word. A few examples are: sh*t, *ss.

If an editor does not bleep out a word in a dependent sentence, he/she receives 2 points.

Racial Slurs/ sexual innuendos/Hate Speech

These three types of obscenities are grouped together due to their nature as well as the ‘no tolerance’ view of this company. These things will not be tolerated in any form regardless of the type of media as well as the type of story. Cornerstone Media is very dedicated to staying audience friendly and using any of the above types of speech goes against that ideal.

The penalty for this breach of policy is strict due to the way this type of speech can affect the audience. If this is found within the body of a quote, it must be changed, edited until the obscenity is no longer within the text. If you have questions on how to do these particular edits, take this up with Content Editor.

The editor in question will receive 3 points per slur used regardless of whether they appear within the same story or in different stories at different times. If this occurs twice with the same editor they will be asked to leave Cornerstone Media

The Point System

Cornerstone Media works under a system of points which determine what the penalty is for breaching parts of the policy. Revised as of the year 2013, here is the current point system for Cornerstone Media:

1 point: docked one day of pay for day of error

2 points: must complete an editing course during the next workday, docked one day of pay

3 points: Week Suspension (unpaid for this week), editing course when you return

4 points: senior editors will be downgraded to  junior editor( lower pay, lower hours) until they have gone 3 months without earning any points. Also their articles will have to be  gone over by the Content Editor before submission.

5 points: Long term suspension. Then the editor must reapply through the Cornerstone Media group to be readmitted to job. Editor must go through editing workshops like when they were originally being interviewed.

6 points: Asked to Resign. These six points can be made up of any combination of errors. If the editor receives 6 points regardless of the length of time between them, he/she will be subject to resignation. They may not reapply like 5 point offenders.


Cornerstone Media takes the content displayed on the various outlets very seriously. This policy outlined the types of obscenity as well as the types of penalties in which editors can receive. This is not something taken lightly within this company and all editors must comply with these rules to continue their employment with Cornerstone Media.

*Policy Effective 10/31/13*

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Copy Writing Bio Sketch – Michelle Blank

Growing up in southern New Jersey and living in such a beautiful place was always something I considered a blessing.  I had the chance to live ( and still currently live) on the water. Living on the water became the norm for me and it’s strange to think of growing up anywhere else.  My actual residence when I’m not in school resides on Lake Nescochague, a private lake that dates back to the colonial period. This place has been my home since I was very young and living there always inspired me to write poetry and short stories. Whenever I would write something worthwhile I would go up to my parents second story bedroom and sit on the carpet as my mom read my stories and edited them with a red pen. She was my original editor because I would never catch all of my mistakes. It was this process of having my mom read it and sometimes even my dad, that made me realize the importance of having several people look over a single story.

My love for writing made me want to pursue the field of Journalism. I had written for the paper in high school and had fallen in love with the buzz and being able to know everything first. Although my love for writing never left, my love for the high stress and action died down after I began getting severe migraines. Although I have been to several doctors over the three-year period that I have had my headaches, I still haven’t gotten a clear diagnosis. Daily Chronic Headache or DCH is probably the most likely fit due to the nature of the pain and frequency. Having DCH and working in a high stress environment can be difficult and since stress is a common factor with DCH it can even make the problem worse overtime.  That being said, my field of study changed slightly this semester after I realized the stress and the traveling involved in the online writing track just wasn’t for me.  I’m aware that the all day deadlines are still going to be present, but I would rather work it out in front of a computer at a desk than out in the world with a pen and pad.

As for my eventual career, it is difficult to say. I have jumped through so many ideas within the past few years in and out of journalism and I am currently perusing the latest one which is the dream of being an editor of a magazine. This dream is definitely of a large-scale, but I like it better that way. I used to shoot low in the hopes that my headaches wouldn’t discourage and deter me from reaching my goals and so that when they didn’t work out I wouldn’t be as disappointed. Now I’m trying to live a career that doesn’t revolve around my DCH and the chance of not finding a direct cure or treatment plan. I’ve found by doing this I am a way happier person and my writing ( creative and for class) has benefited from this choice.

When I was younger I always loved to read. I would read everything from novels to poetry books to reading an entire book series in a week. I loved to read and I almost always had a book with me. That changed right before college when I started developing DCH, soon reading was a chore and getting through a book was a massive hurdle. Even though reading was difficult and often painful, there was one piece of literature that I would cling to and read countless times because the content always changed and became more and more relevant.  That book would be the Bible. The bible is a piece of religious literature containing 66 individual books written by different authors at different time periods. This book spoke about things that had happened in the past and the teachings of Jesus, but whenever I pick this book up there is always something new to find or some new connection to make. Depending on what book you start with you can get find many different types of writing. The Old Testament is full of ancient history and Jewish rules and a feeling of ruthlessness and a very powerful God while the New Testament is slightly calmer and more hopeful.  The new Testament talks about the death and resurrection of Jesus and the many stories and lessons of the people he touched which are laid out through Proverbs and Psalms. It is interesting to read the Gospels( Mark, Matthew, Luke ,John) since they all tell the same stories but through different eyes and authors. This book has been translated into so many different languages and versions of translation which make picking up a bible always a different type of experience.


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My Humor Filled Summer Project- The Daily Run On

The Daily Run Onrunon





I’m no longer in Glassboro this Summer so keeping updates coming from this beat blog is rather pointless. But for anyone following this blog or interested in getting some humorous, creative and more unstructured content for this summer feel free to take a look at my summer project ( link above)

The stories include Poetry about the Fox News Debate and having your hand dealt, as well as a Sunday Nugget about a beautiful woman a golden ring and a pig  coming from Solomon in Proverbs for kicks. Its a new structure with some cool content coming from twitter as well @thedailyrunon so feel free to check up on all those things! And I’ll be with you all back here come September.

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This Is Not Farewell, But See You Later

gods beautyAs this semester, Spring 2013 draws to a close, I can say that this blog has been many things for me. It has been a source of pride at times and also (on Sundays) a source of great stress. Its been a learning experience trying to curve my creative writing style to fit that of an online journalism one through it I’ve hit many highs as well as many lows. I’ve learned that interviews can fall through and that trying to find last-minute fixes can be stressful. I’ve also found that sometimes you have to realize that it’s all out of your hands and that stressing over it isn’t going to do anything in the end.

If you glance over my posts, you’ll see that this blog started off as a news reporting 1 blog and then it turned into what it is now. In the beginning of this blog it was rather obvious that the focus of this blog was not really existent and that I had no idea what my true niche was. As the blog continued I’d like to say I’ve found that.

Over the course of the semester, my best five posts ( in no particular order) are as follows:

I’ve learned that Glassboro isn’t what it originally looked like and it certainly has a bit more to it then most people would think. Learning this, and knowing that there is a lot of exciting things that are going on in Glassboro soon makes me want to continue the blog at some point. This isn’t really a ‘just post a picture on weekends’ kind of blog so I kind of want to continue this the right way. Consider this a hiatus until Fall 2013 when I’m back living in Glassboro and able to report on these things again. I’m taking News Reporting 2 in the fall so if that involves a blog, then perhaps I’ll continue it for that reason, if not, I’ll hopefully continue because I feel like people need to know accurate information about the town their living/going to college in.

So have a wonderful summer and consider this not a farewell, but rather a see you later!

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Rowan Students Speak Out about Safety of High Street

As the school year comes to a close, Rowan University students have mixed opinions about the safety of Glassboro and specifically High Street.

High Street is located right past Rowan Boulevard apartments and home to the Glassboro Municipal Building and many of the town’s home owned businesses. However, this road isn’t one that is well traveled by students, and as Glassboro’s director of business development Ronda Abbruzzese explained in a previous interview,  foot traffic is what will bring these businesses the customers they need.

Some students interviewed were very familiar with High Street and had mixed feelings about the general area.

Julian Chan, a junior communication studies major was looking for a house on high street, but the conditions he found didn’t really fit what he was looking for.”[The house] didn’t really look safe to me…not comfortable there. and the house looked broken down.”

Steve Landell also a junior communications studies major was  one of the other students looking into the house with Chan on High Street. He says that High Street isn’t too bad. ” I’m not comfortable and no its not my preference, but I do go running on high street” said Landell.

Other students had never gone to High Street, but had heard things about the area from others.

Jeremy Rodriguez, a junior journalism major had heard from others that the area wasn’t one he wanted to visit. “Never really been there, I’d only go during the day. There’s shady people… it’d make me feel uncomfortable”

Holly Bitter, a junior Public Relations major said  “I have never been to High Street, but I’d consider going there.” Bitter, a commuter, seemed to have no problem with the area and said that she hadn’t heard anything bad about the area.

With the construction going on in Rowan Boulevard and in the hotel construction students feel as though it will make the unease about High Street go away.

Christine Goins, a freshman Civil Engineering major said “I’ve only gone during the day in a group, not alone. Not familiar with the area. Its got better with construction. Its going to stay about the same now. ”

Chris Polizzi, a sophomore Mechanical Engineer seemed to share the same opinion as Goins. ” Its shady, but Rowan’s making it better,”said Polizzi. Before Robo( Rowan Boulevard) was built it was bad. In a group or by yourself I think I’d be fine.”

Students also felt as though the recent death of a student by a vehicular homicide was something that was causing the unease. Radio Television Film Senior David Ferguson said “ Yeah I do think it’s safe, because law enforcement takes it seriously. I mean state street was where Matt( Uhll) was killed, but it’s safe just be careful.”

These particular events would surly shake a campus’s opinions on safety especially when one of their own is taken not too far from campus.

Rowan’s business district is primarily located on High Street so increasing the foot traffic of students would certainly help business in the long run and help the town become more of a college town.

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Graduate Student Sells Rowan Rhinestone Designs for Graduation Caps

IMG_0257Rowan University graduate student Jessica Small has created a small business for herself, RhinestOWN Ur Style RU Rhine Designs which features the Rowan symbols changed into rhinestones and now recently glitter. Jessica has been working on this project for several years and has decided to focus on Rowan specific products and now most recently she is focusing on the most important thing for Rowan University Seniors, Graduation. Graduation Caps with the Rowan name and year are being sold. She will take your cap overnight and press the designs onto it leaving you a freshly designed cap the next day. It’s that easy and quick and you already have the caps bought.



Here is the video I have of Jessica as she worked the student center and introduced her caps to the students and staff at Rowan for the first time.

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